10.1 Social Responsibilities. The Board of Directors shall consider social impacts as well as shareholder value when making decisions.

10.2     Values.  The following represent the values of the corporation:

  1. The corporation is committed to achieving excellence in the design and delivery of cognitive enhancement services to produce verifiable client results.
  2. The corporation will share the rewards of success with its workforce. Outstanding contributions to the company’s progress by managers and employees will be generously rewarded.
  3. The corporation supports the principles of cognitive liberty, believing individuals in democratic societies are entitled to the freedom to control their own consciousness and cognitive processes.
  4. The corporation will sponsor a non-profit organization to manage a cognitive enhancement scholarship fund for deserving underprivileged individuals of high merit, helping to ensure the benefits of cognitive enhancement are shared among people in all levels of society.
  5. By enriching cognitive capital, the corporation will provide our clients with greater inner resources to accelerate their personal growth and evolution.
  6. The socially responsible deployment of cognitive neuroengineering demands that gene therapies be buttressed by comprehensive education, counseling, and community support programs to prepare individuals for cognitive enhancement and to support them in achieving their goals.
  7. The corporation realizes its long-term success is inseparable from the success of the cognitive enhancement field as a whole. Accordingly, we will found a professional industry association to promote world-class best practices in cognitive neuroengineering.



  1. Purpose. The purpose of this Company is to develop novel gene therapies for improving human cognition and mental health by engaging in any lawful act or activity for which a corporation may be organized under the General Corporation Law of Delaware.
  1. Vision. Human civilization has now entered a Genetic Age which will witness improvements in human functionality comparable in stature to the advances achieved in the Information Age. The Company is the world’s first genetic cognitive enhancement enterprise, created to improve mental health and enhance cognitive ability. This goal is achieved through the application of cognitive neuroengineering, a new branch of science designed to optimize human brain function. Widespread application of this technology will enrich humankind’s cognitive capital, offering a way to accelerate progress in the humanities, arts and sciences. The opportunity to intentionally enhance conscious awareness and cognitive abilities represents a potential turning point in the progress of human civilization
  1. Mission. The Company shall develop and implement a 21st Century mental health science based upon the latest genetic engineering technologies. The Company’s’ twofold mission shall be to assist people with cognitive deficits to regain their mental acuity and health, and to augment conscious awareness and cognitive abilities in healthy individuals. The Company will build shareholder value by developing its portfolio of intellectual property through innovative research and experimentation. Cognitive enhancement can be transformative, and accordingly the corporation will also develop education and counseling programs to help individuals translate their newfound awareness into meaningful personal growth. The Company will serve as the anchor point for an interconnected ecosystem of business, scientific and academic organizations which develop and deliver world-class cognitive neuroengineering science, technology and education.