Transforming Mental Health

in the Genetic Age

Cognigenics: Pioneering the Frontier of Genetic Engineering with CRISPR Technology.

At Cognigenics, we are revolutionizing the way mental health conditions are treated. Our innovative, patent-pending technology utilizes genetic neuroengineering to precisely and noninvasively target and modulate the underlying neural circuits responsible for mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and cognitive impairment. By using the power of CRISPR, we alleviate the debilitating effects of chronic stress and will eventually target conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

We believe that genetic modulation techniques can greatly impact and improve cognitive long-term health and wellbeing, leading to heightened focus, attention, relaxation, optimism and overall mental sharpness. Our cutting-edge technology promises to offer high efficacy with minimal side effects, holding the potential to eradicate or vastly improve many mental diseases and disorders.



Today’s Pharma (SSRIs)



Limited efficacy, “sledgehammer” approach, systemic diffusion

Optimal efficacy, precision treatment for specific neuronal receptors


Serious side effects; many patients opt out or treatment resistant

No discernable evidence of side effects in experiments conducted to date


Monomolecular (1990s) Xanax, Valium, Librium, Klonopin

Neurogenetic modulation (2023)


Enormous overhead (facilities, personnel, in-house labs). Slow. Risk adverse. Entrenched.

No overhead (CROs, CMOs). Fast. Entrepreneurial. Disruptive.


Our third-party independent lab tests have demonstrated that Cognigenics therapies perform comparably to the most commonly prescribed anxiety medications. It is anticipated that our clinical efficacy will outperform what we’ve observed in the lab because of improved patient compliance, which is due to our therapies’ long-term efficacy, as compared to current therapies, most of which require taking a daily pill.