Transforming Mental Health

in the Genetic Age

Cognigenics is at the forefront of advancing RNA-based therapeutics, revolutionizing treatment for mental health disorders.

At Cognigenics, we are pioneering new approaches to treating mental health disorders and neurocognitive disorders. Our cutting-edge, patent-pending technology employs genetic neuroengineering techniques to accurately and noninvasively target the neural networks implicated in conditions such as anxiety, depression, cognitive decline and memory.

Leveraging the precise application of short hairpin RNA (shRNA)-based therapeutics, our technology mitigates the harmful consequences of chronic stress and disorders arising from chronic neural dysregulation, including (but not not limited to) Anxiety Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

Our RNA-based therapeutic approaches are developed to support long-term cognitive health by improving functions such as focus, attention, and mental clarity, as well as fostering a sense of relaxation and optimism. These treatments are engineered with molecular precision to address specific pathophysiological aspects of mental health disorders and neurocognitive disorders. Our preclinical studies suggest that our interventions may have the potential to yield high efficacy rates in symptom management with a favorable safety profile, significantly reducing the burden of these conditions



Today’s Pharma (SSRIs)

Cognigenics COG-201


Shows limited effectiveness; often compared to a “sledgehammer” strategy with widespread systemic impact.

Delivers high precision in targeting specific
neuronal receptors, ensuring optimal effectiveness.


Associated with significant side effects, leading to patient withdrawal or resistance to treatment.

Experimental results to date reveal no significant side effects, indicating high tolerance.


Based on monomolecular compounds such as Xanax, Valium, Librium, Klonopin
(developed in the 1990s).

Utilizes advanced neurogenetic modulation technology, reflecting recent, cutting-edge developments in RNA therapeutics.


Characterized by massive overhead costs including facilities, staff, and internal laboratories; typically slow, risk-averse, and established.

Operates with minimal overhead, leveraging Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs); known for its rapid, entrepreneurial approach and disruptive impact in the field.


Independent third-party laboratory assessments have conclusively demonstrated that therapies developed by Cognigenics surpass the efficacy of standard first-line pharmaceutical interventions for anxiety and memory disorders. We anticipate that the real-world clinical outcomes will further surpass our already promising lab results. This expectation is driven by improved patient compliance, which is facilitated by the long-term effectiveness of our single dose therapeutic products—unlike most current treatments that require daily medication intake.