Cognigenics is a biopharmaceutical company at the forefront of cognitive neuroengineering, with a mission to improve mental health, including the possibility of enhancing memory and cognitive ability in healthy individuals, through our precise, noninvasive, and long lasting therapeutics. Our principals collectively have over a century of experience managing product development, neuroscience laboratories, biotech start-ups and pharmaceutical companies.


Our first product leverages CRISPR technology to target and treat chronic anxiety, and in preclinical studies we have already achieved promising results.

We’ve completed one pre-seed fundraising round from early stage mental health and biotech funds Lionheart Ventures and other prominent investors.

Our next step is to raise Seed funding for further research and development, including dose and timing experiments, variations in efficacy, and safety and toxicology evaluations. With IND submission to the FDA, we aim to begin clinical trials in 2024 .

Our pipeline strategy is to advance our lead asset into the clinic while continuing to develop and advance additional assets with improved properties and wider applications.Our R&D pipeline also includes the design of RNA-based neurogenetic therapies for dementia and the potential treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.


Our platform is state of the art and category defining, with rigorous, repeatable scientific evidence supporting all our products, delivery methods, and treatments.


We are following all emerging guidelines about the ethical use of genetic treatments in humans.


We understand clients’ mental well-being is integral to their quality of life, and believe effective mental healthcare should be everyone’s birthright. Our ethos and business are founded upon a patient-first approach.