RNA Therapeutics Pipeline

At Cognigenics, we are pioneering novel RNA therapeutics to address some of the most prevalent and challenging brain health disorders. Our broad pipeline targets a range of neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative indications by leveraging innovative mechanisms of action. The accompanying pipeline chart illustrates the diverse product candidates we have progressing at various stages, from early discovery through clinical trials. We are scaling our pipeline through intensive internal research efforts as well as strategic business development activities. With a robust intellectual property portfolio, Cognigenics is well-positioned to drive transformative advances for patients suffering from cognitive, anxiety, attention, and other debilitating neurological conditions.

Our approach is leveraging cutting-edge genetic medicines, scaling through rigorous internal research, and strategic business development. With a robust intellectual property strategy, we aim to deliver transformative treatments, ensuring a lasting impact on mental health and neurodegenerative diseases.

The ensuing details articulate our mission:

  • Broad pipeline: addressing the most prevalent brain health disorders.
  • Targeting novel mechanisms across a range of neuropsychiatric/neurodegenerative indications.
  • Scaling pipeline through internal discovery efforts and business development activities.
  • Strong IP estate and strategy.